SWA soldiers on the battlefield stunning debut
Aug 03, 2017

Soldiers on the battlefield hunting flags, the flying Eagles cleaved the sky. In July 30th, numerous SWA excitedly sitting front of the TV, watching the people's Liberation Army 90th anniversary Chinese celebration parade, witnessed the pride and pride of the historical moment. Since the debut of 9.3 big parade, "SWA made high-precision aluminum equipment military parade again, with mighty boundless potential.


The debut of the weapons, 40% of the new equipment is the first public appearance. The new equipment for the first time in the parade includes both the famous star weapons such as "20" and "annihilate 16", and "fist weapons" such as Dongfeng and 31AG, which have hardly appeared.



According to reports, the debut parade f 11 series, C, J-10 air marshals 20 large transport aircraft, 2000 and 500 AWACS air marshals, 99 battle tanks, assault vehicles, amphibious vehicles equipped with swords, eagle, etc. most of the Dongfeng series of missiles, there are a number of key materials supporting Aluminum Alloy swa. The appearance of soldiers on the battlefield, SWA aluminum manufacturing level and the ability of independent innovation once again withstood the test".


For a long time, SWA focus on major national strategic needs, keeping in mind the national historical mission, deepening innovation, aerospace, shipbuilding and other weapons for the defense industry provides a large number of high performance and high quality materials, and gradually formed a "gradient innovation pattern and application of a number of research and development of a group, reserve a number, a plan batch", will never change our meet the national demand for high-grade aluminum. In recent years, SWA won the GX Award for outstanding contributions to the project, the long march rocket number five outstanding contribution award, "roc Award", and won the Universiade aircraft with Aluminum Alloy material "gold supplier" title.

According to SWA technical quality department responsible person, sophisticated materials weighing equipment Aluminum Alloy in SWA unveiled the soldiers on the battlefield, can be said to be a true portrayal of the enterprise innovation gradually formed the pattern of gradient. These materials, without exception, have the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, high precision and long life. Due to the high comprehensive performance requirements, foreign technology blockade has long been dependent on imports.

To resolutely safeguard national security, enhance the ability to fulfill the national mission, in 973, 863, SWA national military facilities, strong base engineering, equipment development and other projects to support, strengthen independent innovation, and eventually broke the foreign in high strength and high toughness, resistance to damage, anti fatigue, low density and other new materials technology Aluminum Alloy blockade preparation, formed a large size ring and pre stretched plate manufacturing, third generation aluminum lithium alloy casting and machining deformation and high surface quality control sheet and a series of core technology, successfully developed the third generation and the fourth generation of advanced Aluminum Alloy materials, completely reversed the passive situation of advanced materials in China has long relied on Aluminum Alloy import. SWA by mastering and integration key core production technology, formed industrial scale stable and controllable quality, to build the product spectrum aerospace and defense industry Aluminum Alloy timber, solid military material to protect the main force.


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