Study on laser welding process of automotive aluminum alloy filter
Aug 11, 2017

Study on laser welding process of automotive aluminum alloy filter

Energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental pollution reduction are urgent problems faced by the transportation industry all over the world. To solve this problem, a variety of light alloys (such as aluminum and magnesium alloys) are more and more used in transportation. Among them, aluminum alloy has excellent physical, mechanical and mechanical properties, and is light in weight. It has been widely used in the automotive industry. Among them, the filter is one of the typical applications. Because of the chemical Aluminum Alloy activity is very strong, very easy to form surface oxide film, and refractory properties, combined with Aluminum Alloy thermal conductivity, easy to cause fusion welding; at the same time, the oxide film can absorb more moisture, which led to the formation of weld porosity; in addition, the Aluminum Alloy linear expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity electrical conductivity, undercut and warpage defects during welding, and the welding joint mechanical properties decrease. Using conventional argon arc welding (TIG) and inert gas arc melting stage (MIG) Aluminum Alloy welding method, welding cracks and pores, easy to produce welding deformation and other issues, restricts its application in industry. Compared with the conventional welding method, laser welding is a kind of precise welding method with many functions, high adaptability and high reliability, and it is easy to realize automation. Due to the high power density laser welding, low heat input, while ensuring the weld penetration, weld heat affected zone is small, small welding deformation, laser welding without vacuum device, so the laser welding has the characteristics of high quality, high precision and high speed. At the same time, with the continuous development of high-power and high-performance laser processing equipment, the laser welding technology of aluminum alloy has been widely used in the automotive industry.

This paper takes the aluminum alloy filter for automobile as the object of study, and analyzes the welding technology and related factors of the aluminium alloy filter. The filter weld is a girth weld, and the joint is a locking bottom butt joint. The welding seam is required to be uniform and beautiful in appearance. The weld width is over 2mm and the melting depth is over 1.5mm. The sample is shown in figure 1.

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