Status of aluminum industry in China
Jul 31, 2017

Status of aluminum industry in China

1. China aluminum processing materials industrial aluminum production and consumption

China's national economy and high technology stable, sustained and rapid development, promote the development of aluminum smelting and aluminum industry in China is very quickly. Production of aluminum Aluminum Alloy aluminum profile industry in China in 2006 has reached 8 million 793 thousand tons, more than the United States to become the first in the world; 2007 yield up to 12 million 508 thousand tons, an increase of 42.45% in 2006, a new record high in 2007; imports of industrial aluminum 690 thousand tons, an increase of 0.6% in 2006; the export of industrial aluminum 1 million 853 thousand tons, an increase of 49.5% in 2006. Aluminum Alloy profile of net exports of 1 million 163 thousand tons; in 2007, China's aluminum industry apparent consumption of 11 million 345 thousand tons. In 2008 1-6 month of China's aluminum industry production, alumina production of 11 million 129 thousand tons, up 7.1% over the same period in 2007, is expected to 2008 annual output of 23 million tons; 6 million 620 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum production, growth of 12.9% over the same period in 2007, in 2008 the annual output will reach 14 million 500 thousand tons; 6 million 879 thousand tons of aluminum materials, growth of 38.3% over the same period in 2007. In 2008 the annual output will reach 14 million tons.

2. aluminum processing materials in China

In twenty-first Century, China aluminum industry market and the close integration of scientific development needs, the traditional aluminum material has gradually completed the transition to a modern aluminum material, so Chinese aluminum material varieties has undergone tremendous changes. An important characteristic of aluminum material China is to develop high performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection, many products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, and enjoy high reputation in domestic and overseas markets; steadily improve product quality, product standard level has been at the international advanced level, the main aluminum manufacturers in addition to the production according to the national standard abroad that can directly accept according to the standard requirements of the advanced countries in the world order. This shows that the aluminum material production in China has been further internationalization, but also to meet the various needs of the national economy and the science and technology of sophisticated aluminum, the aluminum processing enterprise has formulated many internal technical standards.

There are about 300 kinds of alloy and 1500 kinds of Chinese aluminum processing materials, which is one of the most abundant products in the world. Among a large number of aluminum processing materials, a large number of international advanced products and national famous brand products have emerged, representing the mainstream of the development and application of modern aluminum processing technology in china.

3. China aluminum processing technology

The characteristics of aluminum processing technology in China are both advanced and backward. China's technology and equipment have entered the ranks of international advanced; and the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises with more technology and equipment, but also stay in the twentieth Century 70-90 level. Thus, China's aluminum processing industry is large, but not strong, small and not refined, so that the national economy and modern science required some high, fine, sharp aluminum still rely on foreign imports of passive situation.

Market prospect and investment strategy development of Chinese aluminum profile industry

In 2012, with the rapid development of China's infrastructure investment scale and industrialization process of the aluminum industry production and consumption of rapid growth, China has become the world's largest production base of aluminum and the consumer market. After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, China's aluminum industry has entered a new stage of development, and show a lot of new trends.

China's aluminum industry accounted for the total amount of about 30% aluminum applications, mainly used in the transportation industry (including automobile manufacturing, rail transportation industry), equipment and machinery and equipment manufacturing, consumer durable goods industry (including light industry), accounting for about 10%, 10% and 12% in the application of aluminum profiles in China respectively. While in Europe, North America and Japan aluminum consumption structure, industrial consumption ratio reached 60%, 55% and 40%, much higher than in China. It is expected in the next 5~10 years, China's consumption of aluminum industry will continue to grow in the aluminum products in the proportion of about 30% up to 2015 about 45~50%.

With the rapid development of aluminum industry, aluminum excellent domestic production enterprises pay more and more attention to research on the market, especially the research on enterprise development environment and customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of outstanding domestic aluminum brand rise rapidly, gradually become a leader in the aluminum industry!

In 2012, the domestic industrial aluminum market demand will be more than 4 million tons. In the future, the application of aluminum in the industrial field will be very large. In China's existing 124 industrial sectors, 113 departments will use aluminum products, with a specific gravity of 91%.

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