Jul 05, 2017

Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly aluminium processing factory, referred to as SWA). In December 18, 2000, jointly funded by the three companies, the aluminium processing factory converted into Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Aluminium Corp. After 40 years of construction and development, has become the largest production scale Chinese SWA and the most advanced equipment, the most complete varieties and specifications of the large-sized comprehensive aluminum processing enterprises, Chinese aerospace aluminum support base, Chinese high-precision aluminum foil production base, China aluminum export processing base.

A Chinese SWA aluminum industry's most advanced technology and equipment

Has Asia's largest 30 thousand tons, 12 thousand and 500 tons of forging hydraulic press horizontal extrusion machine, dual 2800 mm hot rolling machine China maximum rolling width and 2800 mm cold rolling machine, with the international advanced level of 1850 mm, 1700 mm high speed rolling machine, 8000 tons of aluminum foil mill horizontal extrusion machine, 1600 mm color coating machine, 6000 tons tensile the most advanced technology, the domestic largest tonnage straightening machine, the first domestic advancedlevel "1+4" hot rolling production line and building materials, surface treatment production line equipment.

   SWA targeting the domestic market and international advanced aluminum processing technology, develop the core competitiveness of enterprises, the orientation of the target market, continue to expand the application field of aluminum, the formation of aerospace, transportation, packaging, printing, electronic appliances, decorative aluminum and other 6 series of pillar products.

SWA with its unique brand strategy, marketing plan, establish a highly efficient marketing network, and product management and asset management combination, overall management, production and sales and export for many years in the same industry first, by the end of 2004, South West Aluminum has for the industry to provide all kinds of about 2000000 tons aluminum, aluminum exports 27 thousand tons in 2004.

   SWA has R & D - Technology Center institutions recognized by the state, under the expert

Southwest aluminium industry Co Ltd

Southwest Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. (8)

Commission, an aluminum alloy processing Institute, eight professional research laboratories and an aluminum lithium alloy development and production line, engaged in short, medium and long-term three levels of new products, new technology research and development.

   SWA has rich human resources, the existing Chinese Academy of Engineering 1, enjoy special government allowance 22, 2206 professional and technical personnel, including senior technical personnel 9%, intermediate accounting for 45%.

   SWA will follow the ideas in the aluminum company overall strategy of "leapfrog development of aluminum processing", the implementation of centralized growth strategy, and development in the transformation, in the process of reform and revitalization, to constantly improve themselves in Zuoyouzuoqiang, towards capital diversification, management internationalization, scientific management of large aluminum group goals.

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