Precautions for Extrusion of 6082 Aluminum Alloy Profiles
Mar 27, 2018

(1) Aluminum alloy cast rod heating method

The heating of aluminum alloy casting rod adopts industrial frequency induction heating. The characteristics of this heating method are:

The heating time is short, and it can reach about 500°C within 3 minutes. The extrusion temperature control is accurate and the error does not exceed ±3°C. If the furnace is heated slowly, it will cause precipitation of Mg2Si phase, affecting the strengthening effect.

(2) Aluminum extrusion

Changed the following factors, reasonably formulated 6082 alloy aluminum extrusion process.

1,6082 alloy deformation resistance, so cast rod temperature should be biased upper limit (480-500 °C);

2, aluminum extrusion mold temperature should also be high;

3, in order to prevent shrinking or bubble, oxide scale, impurities involved, pressure should be left longer;

4, to make the main strengthening phase of the alloy Mg2Si completely solid solution, it must be ensured that the quenching temperature above 500 °C, solid extruded extrusion outlet temperature should be controlled at 500-530 °C;

5,6082 aluminum alloy quenching high sensitivity. The alloy contains Mn, which promotes the formation of intragranular intermetallic compounds and has an adverse effect on the quenching performance. Quenching requires high cooling intensity and fast cooling rate. It must be quenched by water to rapidly reduce the temperature to less than 50°C.

6. After cutting the 6608 aluminum alloy section, the mounting frame should be protected at a certain interval and must not be discharged too densely.

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