Our country The Belt and Road to build a new Silk Road
Sep 28, 2017

Our country "The Belt and Road" to build a new Silk Road

"The Belt and Road" out of the way economists, Ms. Cheng Manjiang said, "The Belt and Road seems to be far away from us, but in fact very close to us, the future will affect the life of every one of us.

"Belt and Road Initiative" has been put forward, our country has reached $60 billion in investment along the country. According to the national planning, the next 5 years to achieve the overall foreign investment of $800 billion, of which 50% voted to "The Belt and Road along the country, I believe that more domestic enterprises will be in the" The Belt and Road "investment development will be updated, more and more space to develop.

Cheng Manjiang said, from a structural point of view, "The Belt and Road along the investment mainly concentrated in the energy and transportation facilities. Because the proportion of investment reached 50% of the energy, it is necessary to support and improve the construction of transport facilities. Mining related metals investment will be about 10%, and real estate investment will also keep up with.

From the point of view, "The Belt and Road" vanguard of the implementation of early to go out to the mining enterprises is the main strategy, energy related enterprises. Looking ahead to the whole "The Belt and Road" investment, like financial investment, technology investment is gradually rising. Although finance + technology now accounts for 10%, but the future will gradually increase.

At the same time, she said, "the interactive process The Belt and Road" will bring the international and domestic economic structure and industrial structure change. This development will not only make the Chinese economic security assurance has more, will also promote the "The Belt and Road along the country's trade, economic and investment, including countries along the base facilities broken bring a considerable development, realize" The Belt and Road "mutual benefit and profit.

"The Belt and Road" brought out a new road for the Belt and Road Initiative "for the entire global commodity market fundamentals what impact. BOC International Ms. Fu Xiao said, "The Belt and Road" on the impact of supply and demand will stimulate the market structure and price is more and more significant trend. This is also a new road of development.

Bank of China international commodity markets strategy director Fu Xiao said, first from the demand side, "the key project The Belt and Road" either through infrastructure construction or electric energy and other areas of investment will stimulate the demand for commodities, especially basic metal. A review of recent period of the project, from the beginning of 2015 to hear "The Belt and Road", we are talking about the frame. In fact, there are a lot of actual investment projects in the past period of time, the first to see the project mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Thailand railway construction, port construction in Sri Lanka are stimulating demand for commodities.

In 2016 the foundation and housing investment equivalent to Chinese annual investment of 60% to 2030, by rail, highway, bridge and other investment will steadily rise, this is the "pull the demand for goods of the first stage of The Belt and Road".

The supply side has three dimensions. First of all, the sources of supply are diversified. China needs to import many commodities, such as gold, copper and so on. Through the diversification of supply, to solve the stability of the supply source.

The second level is to promote the long-term supply of many mineral resources. The copper market in long-term decline, many large copper mines were getting old, the Zijin Mining Investment in Congo, will find new mines, will bring new changes to the copper supply, in order to meet the needs of the future of new energy vehicles and industrial upgrading.

The third aspect is strategic reserve. Gold and oil are two kinds of goods in our country pay more attention to the domestic several mineral company in the "The Belt and Road along the country's investment in Central Asia, Argentina gold mining, gold production will increase. In addition, an investment in crude oil and natural gas is The Belt and Road ", can help achieve the diversification of oil and gas resources supply China.

By analogy, Fu Xiao reasoned from the analysis is not difficult to see, "The Belt and Road" brings opportunities to bring complementary resources, brings a new way of development.

"The risk of The Belt and Road" to control "The Belt and Road brings investment opportunities, there are also some investment risk, in the face of how to control the overseas mineral investment risk, the guests said: one is on the basis of equality, respect, communication, communication and" The Belt and Road along the country to realize culture with the successful practice of integration, outstanding elements of enterprises and international mining for the point of cultural integration.

Two, in accordance with the rule of tolerance and opening up, respect the rules. To invest in countries along the way, to comply with local laws, in the face of many unwritten rules, you need to be patient to adapt to it, to avoid or mitigate risks.

Three is the risk of underground mining risks, political risks, social risks, environmental risks, and national risks. Underground risk control. The risks on the ground need to do well in the neighborhood, communicate with the media and send out the company's voice.

Four, mining in any part of the world means taking more time and energy to evaluate projects. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of mineral resources evaluation.

"The Belt and Road" from the forward to the implementation, just a few years time, carry forward the spirit of the ancient Silk Road, the Silk Road Development innovation. 2017 Chinese international mining conference highlights along the country peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win situation of the mining boom, from around 54 countries and regions more than 8000 representatives to join the "The Belt and Road", to build a global mining community of destiny together.

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