Oman intends to expand production of aluminum industry
Oct 11, 2017

Oman intends to expand production of aluminum industry in Sohar

Oman (Sohar Aluminium) Sohar aluminum said, according to plan (Tanfeedh) of Tanzania has suggested the company intends to expand production capacity, expanding production, vigorously develop the domestic downstream industry.

Oman's "national economic diversification plan" (i.e. Tanfeedh) suggested that Sohar aluminum investment and expanding the existing production capacity, can engage in more industrial activities at the same time, can also create a lot of jobs. Sohar aluminum CEO Masoudi said the company has expansion plans, but also need to see whether the shareholders have investment intention. But there is no denying the fact that the expansion will eventually benefit the company's development.

At present, Sohar aluminum aluminum production capacity of 375000 tons. About 60% of the capacity is spent on the domestic market, with another 40% for export.

Masoudi said that once the smelter expanded into reality, it will have a catalytic role in downstream industries.

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