Matters needing attention in choosing aluminum alloy guardrail
Nov 27, 2017


Matters needing attention in choosing aluminum alloy guardrail

Aluminum alloy guardrail in the last few years, the rapid rise, the traditional guardrail is made of cast iron railings, not only bulky, but also high cost. Recently, a better aluminum alloy guardrail has replaced him as the leading role in the guardrail industry. What are the precautions for choosing aluminum alloy guardrail?

The aluminum alloy guardrail is simple in structure and light in material. The product is disassembly and assembly structure without welding and no screws can be seen on the surface. The connection is compact without looseness and shedding. Packaging, transportation, installation convenience. The weight of aluminum is only 1/3 of that of iron, steel, copper or bronze, and the products are light, easy to process and economical to transport.

High strength, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance - compared with other traditional raw materials, aluminum hardness can withstand greater tensile and impact force, and has a better flexibility. At the same time, the surface of aluminum alloy balcony guardrail was treated by surface treatment such as extreme oxidation, so that the product has high corrosion resistance.

The appearance of high-grade and beautiful - aluminum surface has been anodized according to industrial standards, natural metal luster or after grinding, electrophoresis treatment can get any desired appearance effect. Ultra high safety - products using high-strength aluminum alloy as raw material, through the T5 heat treatment process, greatly increase the tensile and compressive properties of the product.

The product spacing is the result obtained through many tests and demonstration. It not only plays the role of protection, but also enhances the visual effect of appearance. Green, healthy and environmental protection - in the increasingly serious environmental problems today, aluminum alloy guardrail in line with international quality and environmental standards of materials, for you to create a safe and healthy living space.

The aluminum alloy guardrail is made of high quality raw material, the surface is treated specially, which makes the product have better performance, and can be used safely in the air polluted city or sea salt corrosion coastal area. The design height of the humanized design standard and reliable spacing between the drill holes are the guarantee of safety; the high harmony with people, architecture and nature can not only meet the technical requirements, but also meet the cultural needs.

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