Kobe Steel aluminum was investigated in the factory to provide materials for Mitsubishi feederliner
Oct 25, 2017

Kobe Steel aluminum was investigated in the factory to provide materials for Mitsubishi feederliner

神户制钢铝厂遭调查 该厂为三菱支线客机提供材料

Kobe steel plant investigation by the factory to provide materials for the MITSUBISHI regional jet

Japan's third largest Steel Corp in Kobe steel in the face or lose the Japanese industrial standard (JIS) certification at the same time, also ushered in the investigation of the Japanese Ministry of land. According to Japanese media reports, local time on October 23rd, in Kobe steel Daian plant in Mie started the Japanese transport ministry. The latest news shows that the factory is for MITSUBISHI heavy industry is developing Japan's first domestic jet liner aircraft "MITSUBISHI regional aircraft" (MRJ) to provide materials.

Previously, MITSUBISHI heavy industry has said that MRJ has no security problems, will continue to promote R & D. In addition to the investigation of the Mie smelter, Kobe steel is located in Tochigi Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture aluminum products factory is also exposed to tampering and other improper behavior data.

It is reported that Japan's Ministry of land and transportation will investigate the Daian factory in October 25th and investigate the flow of products, extending from cars and Shinkansen trains to the aerospace industry. The government will check the quality control system of the factory, and investigate whether there are other misconduct besides the problems that have been discovered.

It is worth mentioning that the Japanese Ministry of land, further investigation in the factory before, Kobe steel has been investigated in Japan certification agency official Japan quality assurance organization "in the local time on October 19th, and found that it did not meet the Japanese industrial standard seamless copper (JIS), the standard is a testament to the Japanese industrial product safety. Before the survey, Kobe steel has been claiming fraud product did not meet the requirements of customers, but still meet the Japanese industrial standard.

Since October 8th, Kobe steel factory are exposed alleged false data, spread downstream enterprises have expanded to more than 500, involving products from aluminum products, copper products first, spread to the iron and steel plate, wire and other core products.

Besides domestic enterprises, non local companies such as general motors, Ford, Airbus and Boeing are also in the move. At present, the United States Department of justice has been involved in the investigation, the European aviation safety agency has proposed moratorium on the use of Kobe steel products.

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