Kobe steel admitted tampering with aluminum products data
Oct 09, 2017

Kobe steel admitted tampering with aluminum products data

Beijing time 8 evening news, according to Japan's Kyodo News reported that Japan's Kobe steel 8 news release, had tampered with the part of aluminum products strength data and supply. According to MITSUBISHI heavy industries, the first domestic jet, MRJ, is also using the aluminum product. These violations were organized in an organized manner, and some of them began 10 years ago.

Kobe steel admitted tampering with aluminum products data

Kobe Steel Group also found that last year's Kobelco steel wire stainless steel company (Osaka Izumisano) with stainless steel product data, illegal behavior will inevitably lead to decline in reputation. Clearly, the chairman and President Kawasaki Hiroya and other management responsibilities will inevitably.

Aluminum products customers involved in about 200 companies, on the other hand, Kobe steel did not disclose the specific name of the enterprise. It is reported that Kobe steel for automobile manufacturers and other transportation related enterprises supply, some models of the TOYOTA automobile engine cover using the aluminum. It could also be developed to include recalls from other car manufacturers (free recycling and repairs).

Kobe Steel said at a press conference that the end of August this year, has mastered the aluminum products but did not disclose a data tampering, indicating its industry, held a press conference.

In all the business, three factory in Tochigi County, pass 3 were found tampering with the data, is located in Kanagawa County, a subsidiary of the production of copper products factory has a tampering. It is reported that aluminum and copper account for about 4% of total shipments.

About Kobe steel data tampering aluminum products MITSUBISHI heavy industries said that security is no problem, will not affect the MRJ development.

Vice president of Kobe steel Mehara Hisahito held a press conference in Tokyo, said the apology: "deep remorse, apologize." It is reported to the METI report, and received the province instructed the investigation on violations of regulations and safety situation.

According to Kobe Steel said on the strength between the customer and the agreed specifications do not conform to the product, to rewrite the certificate of inspection data. Mr Mei said the factory had pressure to meet its target". Denied any violation instructions from the upper level of the headquarters.

Alleged irregularities were found in the company's internal inspections, but were not found in last year's scandal.

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