Japan to achieve the world's first large-scale mining of submarine minerals
Sep 30, 2017

Japan to achieve the world's first large-scale mining of submarine minerals

According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese economic and industrial province and the "oil, gas and metal mineral resources agency" (JOGMEC) 26 announced that the world has achieved the first successful use of vessels to exploit a large number of submarine mineral resources.

According to reports, in Japan's offshore Okinawa County, a series of "hot water deposits" from the seabed and hot water along with the accumulation of metal deposits have been found, and Japan is trying to achieve commercial around the mid 2020s.

It is understood that the submarine hot water deposits contain zinc, lead, gold, copper and other resources. Related personnel in mid August to late September this year, the successful implementation of the test, the use of offshore mining machine into Okinawa, smashing the seabed about 1600 meters of ore deposits, and then pump it with the sea together to extract. According to the introduction, the analysis shows that the mine has a zinc equivalent of one year in japan.

Within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) off the coast of Okinawa, 6 deposits have been discovered over the past three years, and the possibility of continued discovery of new deposits is high.

Japan's current mineral dependence on imports, Japan's Ministry of look forward to "establish high efficiency mining method. If sufficient reserves are found, it is likely to become a resource producer". Japan's Ministry of plan 2018 annual implementation of economic evaluation.

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