Is it feasible to ban ore in Philippines?
Sep 06, 2017

Is it feasible to ban ore in Philippines?


According to Reuters news, the recent Philippines lawmakers submitted a bill to ban the basin mining and export of crude ore policy, and requires miners need to obtain legislative approval before operation.

SMM believes that Philippines follows the Indonesian ban on mining, and large-scale implementation of the possibility of investment and construction is relatively low, mainly due to:

The rectification of mining industry from the beginning of the second half of 2016, when leaders can be clearly perceived on the importance of environmental protection, environmental protection and construction of existing doubts, contrary to the leadership to rectify the original intention, so far, Philippines has not yet issued Class Indonesia general investment policy.

Philippines people are more advocating natural, environmental awareness is strong, so the factory is very strong psychological resistance;

Philippines nickel ore has lower grade and higher content of nickel and cobalt, which is more suitable for hydrometallurgy. However, the investment cost of hydrometallurgy is high and difficult to control. At present, the investment in the construction of Philippines is mainly Sumitomo, two projects are pressurized leaching process to produce intermediate products or nickel salt, pressurized leaching process investment, construction cycle long;

Philippines has less power and less coal, and the basic conditions for investment in smelting and construction are worse than that in indonesia;

The relationship between China and Philippines is not stable, and because of many domestic political parties, many nationalities, the political situation is complex, so the risk of investment is quite large.

The possibility of Philippines banned entirely mine is low, but the SMM that Philippines can take various measures to strengthen environmental protection, control of nickel ore exports and increase their income, and finally by using nickel based enterprises Chinese downstream pay.

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