Influence of temperature on properties of aluminum foil products
Aug 10, 2017

Influence of temperature on properties of aluminum foil products

The casting of aluminum billet casting due to metal solidification and deformation are in the casting area within the roller diameter is 650mm - 700 mm, the maximum caster casting area length of about 50mm yuan is only about ten mm length of casting metal solidification, only about 1s the time to complete the cooling speed and semi continuous casting compared to about 2 orders of magnitude and Aluminum Alloy in all kinds of impurities and alloying elements in aluminum solubility are vary with temperature, such as the equilibrium phase diagram of iron in the eutectic temperature (655 DEG C) when the solubility in aluminum is about 0.052% solubility at room temperature is reduced to 0.002% to reduce many of the original in the crystallization of the faster cooling from equilibrium degree is more serious. Therefore, the billet casting the segregation and the degree of supersaturation of solid solution than the semi continuous casting is more serious, in the middle of annealing if high annealing temperature (achieve homogenization temperature) can make metal in the supersaturated elements precipitation, solid solubility phase decreases with the increase of the atom the self diffusion coefficient for annealing NEW crystal nucleation and growth reduces the recrystallization temperature of the material if intermediate annealing temperature does not reach the uniform effect and can only meet the metal plastic recovery the metal supersaturated solid solution has not been fully analyzed.

Therefore, the scheme of three production of aluminum foil after final annealing, annealing under the same conditions are more likely to happen during the crystallization, and the homogenization treatment when the territory of segregation and solid solution materials fully precipitation, nucleation number, grain material more small, so the elongation is finished higher aluminum billet rolling surface, ordinary middle annealing into higher strength, it is due to the intermediate annealing temperature is not enough, the internal organization of MICROTEK in 2 material segregation and solid solution to precipitate completely, the solid solution strengthening effect on aluminum foil, but in the final annealing when the temperature continues to rise, then may continue to grow because of the grain's sake, resulting in strength and elongation decreased sharply.

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