India's demand for aluminum is growing and prices are rising
Dec 18, 2017

India's demand for aluminum is growing and prices are rising.


Alufluoride company benefit

Alufluoride company is one of the few India specialty chemical producers of aluminium fluoride production.

Aluminum fluoride is one of the raw materials produced by aluminum;

At present, the aluminium raw material market is experiencing the supply squeeze, the price is increasing.

In the past few, after prices and raw material prices have been weak, poor Alufluoride company development.

Now, thanks to the rise in prices and raw material prices stable, Alufluoride company also reversed poorly run state.

Aluminium fluoride is mainly used in the electrolytic smelting production of alumina. It can reduce the electricity consumption required during the process of smelting, which can help reduce the production cost of aluminum smelting.

Many companies in India produce aluminium fluoride, such as Tanfac industries, the southern petrochemical industry group (SPIC), etc., but the production capacity of fluorinated aluminum is low.

Including India's fluorinated aluminum industry in a limited domestic capacity in India.

Tanfac industrial companies and Alufluoride aluminum fluoride production can meet 14% of India's demand.

Therefore, in improving the pricing and demand of the terminal market, the development space of import substitution and domestic new capacity building is very large.

In addition, China's imports increased, pricing ability as well as the company's problems in the aspect of raw material procurement also affects the Alufluoride the development of the company.

In the past few quarters, however, the company has properly addressed the issue and achieved good results.

Compared with 2013-2016, the company's 2017 capacity utilization increased by 20%.

Companies have been able to monitor material costs, thus improving margins and returns.

The price of fluorinated aluminum has improved, and it has also helped the company's development in between 60 rupees/kg and 70 rupees/kg.

The company has almost no debt, and cash and liquidity account for 48 per cent of total assets, which has helped the expansion of the company.

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