In the Middle East, aluminum producers are skeptical of the 232 tax levy, only for the Chinese side
Nov 09, 2017

In the Middle East, aluminum producers are skeptical of the 232 tax levy, only for the Chinese side


Foreign media news, Tuesday, Middle East aluminium producers alliance official in the Arabia National Conference (Arabal 2017), 232 from the ongoing investigation, any U.S. tariffs levied on imports of aluminum, will eventually harm to American consumers.

Bahrain (Aluminium Bahrain) CEO Tim Murray at the meeting pointed out that the North American aluminum market itself has serious structural supply gap serious. "The 232 survey itself is meaningless, because the final tax will be imposed on consumers."

232 investigations into the impact of steel and aluminum imports on national security were strongly supported by the Trump administration in April this year, initiated by the US Department of Commerce, which promised to investigate and follow up quickly.

The investigation could lead to tariffs or other import restrictions, usually takes 270 days, but the government said it was fast tracked, is expected to report its findings at the end of June. However, the final decision has not yet been announced.

Qatar aluminum (Qatar Aluminium) CEO Khalid Mohamed Sultan Laram said: "I don't think the 232 survey will be used to force the tax, because any such decision is not conducive to the downstream industries, especially what is the automotive industry."

Mohammed Al Masoudi, chief executive of Sohar Aluminium, thinks that at least economic taxes on raw metals are meaningless, but he also says that political considerations may be a separate issue.

Murray says the industry in the lower reaches of the United States has done a good job of lobbying against tariffs, and even though it's really taxing, I think it's only in china."

The Aluminum Association (US Aluminum Association) members held in Washington last month's press conference reiterated their position, any remedial measures is the 232 survey should be directed at the China, rather than other countries.

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