In 2021, the output of bauxite in India will reach 49 million 400 thousand tons
Aug 14, 2017

In 2021, the output of bauxite in India will reach 49 million 400 thousand tons

BMI Research Report, 2021 India bauxite production will reach 49 million 400 thousand tons in 2016, India bauxite production capacity of 22 million 80 thousand tons, is expected in 2017 India bauxite production is expected to reach 26 million 100 thousand tons, an increase of 18%.

Fitch (the Fitch Group) said: "2017 - 2021 is expected to India bauxite production average annual growth rate of 17.5%, far higher than the 2012 - 2016 growth rate of 3.9%."."

On the one hand is to encourage the development of mining industry, on the other hand, the increasing demand of domestic aluminum industry are in urgent need of India bauxite mining sector will expand production, India Osasha mining area expanded from 10 square kilometers to 50 square kilometers, expanding for 5 times, the export tariff of bauxite from 20% down to 15%.

In 2016, the government agreed that from 2017 to March Olympic sand started by the local state-owned enterprises in Orissa Mining Company Limited (Odisha Mining Corporation) to Vedanta Resources Company (Vedanta Resources) is located in Gilbert Garr (Lanjigarh) aluminum smelter supply of bauxite.

Although India bauxite mining prospects are optimistic, but the environmental conditions are harsh, and tensions among the tribes have led to new mining projects there is a great risk.

At present, the main bauxite mining in India: Ori Sabon (Orissa), Gujarat Bong (Gujarat), Jharkhand (Jharkhand), Maharashtra (Maharashtra), Chattisgarh (Chhattisgarh), Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu) and Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh).

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