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How can cans be made
Dec 14, 2017

How can cans be made


The can is made of two parts, the tank and the tank cover.

Here is a jar of making engineering: 

1) by a thin strip of aluminum, (0.27 MM to 0.33 MM thick, 1.6 M to 2.2 M wide, a roll of weighing about 

3 t) by punch round cup

 2) after the cup by drawing machine to form the shape of the pot after 

3) stretch of the jar by cleaning, drying, surface printing and drying, the lining of spraying and drying, jar neck shrank back edge, light-leaking is formed after testing (without the lid) 4) easy pull cover is with aluminium strip with punch a punching forming, after spray drying and test after completion of production process does not need to heat treatment.

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