High-tooth aluminum extrusion heat sink extrusion process and precautions
Apr 10, 2018

First, when trying to mold a die with a high density of teeth and a large tongue ratio, the aluminum rods on the front must be 150-200mm short aluminum rods or pure aluminum rods.

Second, before the trial test, the extrusion center of the aluminum extruder must be adjusted, the extrusion shaft, the ingot tube, and the discharge port of the mold holder on a center line.

Third, in the trial mode and normal production process, the aluminum rod heating temperature must be guaranteed between 480-520 °C.

Fourth, aluminum mold heating temperature according to the conventional mold temperature, controlled at about 480 °C, diameter 200 mm below the flat mold insulation time shall not be less than 2 hours, if it is diverting mode insulation in more than 3 hours; diameter greater than 200 mm above the mold Insulate for 4 - 6 hours to ensure uniform core temperature and external temperature.

Fifth, before tryout or production, you must use clean cylinder pad to clean the ingot liner and check if the extruder is running normally.

Sixth, when the trial mold or just started production, the extruder automatically switches off, and the various switches return to zero. Starting from a small pressure and starting slowly, it takes about 3-5 minutes to discharge the material, and the aluminum controls the pressure during the filling process. The pressure is controlled within 100kg/cm2, the ammeter data is within 2-3A, generally 80-120Kg/cm2 can be discharged, and then it can be slowly accelerated. In the normal production, the extrusion speed is less than 120kg/sq. Centimeters prevail.

Seven, aluminum alloy molds in the trial mode or production process, if found blocking die, partial teeth, too fast and slow deviation, etc., when the phenomenon of immediate shutdown, and point to withdraw the mode to avoid mold scrap.

Eight, in the trial production or aluminum production process, the discharge port must be 

unobstructed, and the support or fixture looseness should be reasonably grasped according to the discharge conditions. Observe the abnormal situation at any time, and deal with it in time, and immediately stop the machine during the shutdown.

In the process of straightening, it is necessary to carefully examine the changes before and after, operate the specifications, exert appropriate force, and ensure the product quality.

X. According to the requirements of aluminum production planning, it should be fixed to a reasonable length. When sawing, the feeding speed of the sawtooth cannot be too fast. To avoid damaging the end, the end must be clamped and the flash and burr must be removed.

Eleventh, aluminum alloy profile baskets should be standardized, including pad strips should be placed reasonably to avoid damage to profiles.

Twelve, aluminum profile aging temperature control at 190 ± 5 °C, insulation 2.5-4 hours, after the air cooled.

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