General equipment aluminium extrusion alloy 6005
Nov 09, 2017

General equipment aluminium extrusion alloy 6005

6005 aluminum alloy is widely used in the extrusion of general, where the strength requirements of material extrusion profiles and pipes are available this alloy production than type 6063 alloy, 6063 alloy with the same, they are pure Al-Mg-Si alloy, except Mg and Si, does not contain other alloying elements, Mg2Si is the only one of the strengthening phase. Mg and Si all Mg2Si. Have good extrusion resistance and low quenching sensitivity, can be extrusion quenching, the wall thickness is less than or equal to 3mm material can be air cooling. Their other outstanding advantages are bright and clean surfaces, easy anodizing and coloring. 6005 alloy is widely used in extrusion of ladder, wheelchair, television antenna, stage and other products profiles and pipe, but should be noted that the 6005 alloy can not be made to withstand shock load structure.

chemical composition

6005 type alloy is a kind of relatively young alloy boss in 1962 before the advent, after 54 years of development, has now formed a 7 member of the family, the youngest of 6305 alloy, 2012 was registered in the U.S. Aluminum Association Inc. In the 7 alloy, 4 alloy alloy is the United States: 6005 (1962), 6105 (1965), alloy 6205 alloy, 6305 alloy (1970) (2012); 1 France (1972), 6005A alloy 1 alloy 6005B Holland (1989), 1 Japanese 6005C alloy (2005). Their chemical composition is shown in table.

mechanical property

The lowest mechanical properties in different states: T1 Rm =172N/mm2 of the tensile strength, yield strength of Rp0.2=103N/mm2; T5 Rp0.2=241N/mm2; =262N/mm2 Rm state, T1 state of the elongation of the material A=16%, T5 status 8%~10%, depending on the material and thickness. The shear strength of T5 material is 205N/mm2, Brinell hardness 950N/mm2, positive modulus 69GN/mm2, cycle times 5 * 108 times, fatigue strength minimum 97N/mm2 (Mohr type test).

physical property

The density of 2700kg/m3 6005 alloy; liquidus temperature is 654 degrees centigrade, the solidus temperature of 607 DEG C, average 20 DEG ~100 DEG the expansion coefficient of 23.4 m/ (M K 167W/), the thermal conductivity of T5 at 25 DEG (M - K); 20 C T5 material volume conductivity 49%IACS, resistivity 40n. M.

Process characteristics

The annealing temperature of 6005 type alloy is 415, holding temperature is 2h~3h, the solution treatment temperature is 547, and the artificial aging temperature is 175 /8h. The 6005 type alloy has good extrusion performance, but the extrusion speed should be lower than that of type 6063 alloy, and the maximum compressive speed should not exceed 45m/min. The profiles and tubes have good formability, good surface treatment properties, high corrosion resistance, and can be applied in industrial atmosphere and marine atmosphere without stress corrosion and exfoliation corrosion sensitivity.

6205 alloy

From the table in the data shows that the composition of the alloy, 6205 alloy is a characteristic of the alloy, in addition to a main alloy elements Si, Mg and other alloy, also contain a small amount of Mn, Cr, Zr, which is better than other "brothers" more and more comprehensive, they Al6Mn and Al7Cr can be formed with Al3Zr and Al, have a certain strengthening effect, the T1 state of the tensile strength of Rm =262N/mm2, 52.3% higher than the yield strength of alloy 6005; Rp0.2=138N/mm2, 34% higher than the 6005 alloy; elongation of A=19%, 3 percentage points higher than the 6005 alloy. Therefore, it can be used to roll thick plate, checkered plate and squeeze materials with high impact load.

The density of 2700kg/m3 6205 alloy 20 C; liquidus temperature 645, solidus temperature 613, average linear expansion coefficient of 23.0 m/ (m k), 172W/ T1 thermal conductivity at 25 C (m, K), T5 188W/ (m k material); 20 C T1 materials the volume conductivity of 45%IACS, T5 material 49%IACS, 20 C T1 material resistivity of 37n. M, T5 materials 35n. M. 0.1N. M/K. The temperature coefficient of resistance.

The solution treatment temperature of 6205 alloy is 527, and artificial aging is 177 /6h.

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