Foreign media: China built 45 thousand tons of mining vessels can pick up 2500 meters deep sea rare metal
Sep 09, 2017

Foreign media: China built 45 thousand tons of mining vessels can pick up 2500 meters deep sea rare metal

In August the British "times" website 25 reported that Chinese is trying to exploit seabed mineral resources, the world's first deep-sea mining ship construction work has been completed.

Once completed, the deep-sea mining ship will become a milestone in China's shipbuilding industry. The ship is 227 metres long, capable of operating at a depth of 2.5 km, carrying 45 thousand tons and capable of operating continuously at sea for more than 5 years.

Fujian Mawei shipbuilding Limited by Share Ltd officials confirmed yesterday to the newspaper, the ship's construction progress smoothly, will be completed on time and delivered to the Canada based Nautilus mineral company in 2018 in the waters near Papua New Guinea for mining operations.

The company is reluctant to give more details, but a news report in the local Fuzhou Evening News said the ship will be equipped with mining equipment, underwater robots, deck cranes and helipad.

Jiang Daming, China's minister of land and resources, said China needs to ensure energy supplies and develop the economy. The bottom line is a strategic and technical problem that must be solved, he said.

According to a report by China's Ministry of land and resources, it estimates that there are 880 tons of rare earth, 10 tons of cobalt and 3 trillion tons of polymetallic nodules. These minerals have broad applications in the fields of electronics, medical equipment, textiles, nonferrous metals, automobiles and chemistry.

Rare earth minerals containing rare metals are of strategic importance to China because they are widely used militarily.

In 2014, Chinese's first underwater mining ship in Hainan Island mining ore zirconium and titanium. At that time, the ship's manufacturer, Chong Chong Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai, said that most of the seabed mineral exploitation is confined to the shallow seabed of 40 meters, and that the ship can be underwater 80 meters to 100 meters submarine work.

It is unclear how China can make such great progress in shipbuilding technology in just a few years, but this development is in line with China's goal of developing deep-sea mineral deposits.

China's deep sea research manned submersible "dragon" number since 2010 put into use, diving depth of more than 7000 meters.

China already owns mining rights in 4 international waters.

China has also invested heavily in other deep-sea projects. Last year, China set up an expert group to conduct a pilot project on deep-sea polymetallic nodule mining. At the inauguration ceremony, members of the panel were told to understand the political and historical significance of their trip.

China's Ministry of land and resources says the deep sea is full of treasure, but to acquire these treasures, it is necessary to master the technology for entering the deep sea and exploiting the mineral resources in the deep sea

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