Effect of thickness on properties of aluminum foil products
Aug 10, 2017

Effect of thickness on properties of aluminum foil products

The metal cold deformation, makes the metal can be increased, the atom is in an unstable state, a natural trend to stable state, most metal materials would not change the completion of this at room temperature, when the metal back heating, increasing atomic mobility, accelerating the transformation of the original sub diffusion velocity to complete atoms to stable state. This is the internal cold deformation of metal in annealing and recrystallization will occur. But in the cold deformation of metal back heating temperature to heat atoms provided to overcome the binding force between atoms, the atomic migration and free diffusion can occur in the crystallization, recrystallization temperature depends on the atomic migration re nucleation and growth of the required activation energy of the size required activation energy the higher the recrystallization temperature is high. A scheme is foilstock intermediate annealing at 1.5 mm thickness (cold deformation processing rate of about 80%), scheme two is aluminum billet intermediate annealing at 2.5 mm thickness (cold deformation processing rate of about 65%) due to the two production of blank processing rate of small metal recrystallization activation required high recrystallization temperature is higher and its strength is also higher. On the other hand 2.5 mm intermediate annealing processing to the aluminum billet according to the theory of metal deformation of metal structure is mainly in the form of dislocation retention of stored energy is in the process of annealing recrystallization and recrystallization driving force in the process of shape nuclear rate increases with the amount of metal deformation increases. So using 2.5 mm intermediate annealing of aluminum foil rolling billet obtained in aluminum foil annealing through more deformation by dislocation in the form of product Poly storage is greater in the recrystallization process of aluminum foil in Central Plains and the nucleation rate will be greatly increased so that the aluminum foil can get fine grains in the finished product after annealing, the strength and elongation is higher.

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