Decryption Chery Jaguar Land Rover all aluminum technology
Nov 27, 2017


Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu production base as Jaguar Land Rover's first in the United Kingdom outside the vehicle manufacturing base, since the initial establishment of the "tall" aura, attracted numerous people inside and outside the industry attention. In April 2016, the completion of the first domestic tyranny here all aluminum body production workshop, and then the body Aluminum Alloy application rate as high as 75% of the new Jaguar XFL, the body structure weighs only 297 kg, compared with the same level of other vehicles greatly reduce weight.

"Why is it 75% instead of 100%?"" In the days before the Jaguar Land Rover held during the "full aluminum technology tour, Chery Jaguar Land Rover automobile company executive vice president Chen Xuefeng to the media said," in fact, in order to achieve the 100% is not difficult, but in order to give consumers a better driving experience, we need quality distribution on the front and rear axle car parts, reach the proportion of 50:50 before and after the body design, so that the vehicle handling performance and has a stronger, better and more flexible, precise steering control".

It is understood that the new Jaguar XFL in the production process using 100% self piercing riveting and structural adhesive technology, the benefits of these two techniques, riveting technology without holes, can be directly powered rivet directly into the sheet to be riveted by a servo motor, riveting sheet in rivet and rivet plastic under pressure deformation, filling in the riveting die. In this way, the car body has higher fatigue strength and static fastening force, and when the vehicle is subjected to external impact, the car body can endure longer and more severe collisions. The use of structural adhesive technology can make the body connection strength increased to 2 to 3 times of the pure riveting strength, in order to create a lightweight, solid and intelligent whole aluminum body structure.

While such a car is mainly produced in the Chery Jaguar Land Rover all aluminum body workshop, the workshop has 335 robots, the riveting robot number up to 232 sets, for most domestic, can achieve 100% intelligent automatic production of aluminum body structure.

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