Control of key process of aluminum extrusion in workshop
Dec 07, 2017

1.Aluminum rod furnace temperature setting heating stage setting 300 ℃ to 450 ℃, aluminum rods machine temperature control, according to the wall thickness should be consistent with T acuity 1.4 mm with temperature control at 440 ℃ to 540 ℃, T < 1.4 mm temperature control at 400 ℃ to 540 ℃, and the specific situation according to the varieties, the mould structure, type of alloy.

2.Should be paid attention to during the process of aluminum extrusion hydraulic oil temperature changes: when high oil temperature rise to about 45 to 50 ℃, the extrusion pressure significantly decreased, squeeze the opportunity to become weak, should stop at this time and try to come down to the oil temperature, and then to boot.

3. The tonnage of extruded aluminum extruder (ton) 60010001650, each mold is extruded ingot (one) 100-15060-8040-80.

4. In order to prevent the flow of gas and dirt from the dead zone into the aluminum profile and to protect the extruded rod from damage, it is not allowed to be too thick in the length of the limiting pressure, and the book is not allowed, and the remaining control is 15-30mm thickness.

5.6063 aluminum extrusion T6 tempering with forced air cooling, T5 natural cooling, profile out after not less than 80 ℃ / min speed cooling below 170 ℃. 6061 extrusion profiles quenching by strong winds, water spray, or water, directly, and should be in 2-3 minutes to temperature dropped to below 200 ℃.

6. Aluminum cooling at the cooling bed below 50 ℃ can be straight. When the profile straightens, its straightening quantity should be controlled at about 1-2%, the straight deformation of the super thick profile is allowed to be slightly larger, but not more than 3%. When straightening, pay attention to protecting the decorative surface from chafing, as far as possible with non-decorative surface contact with the frame conveyor belt.


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