can you microwave aluminum foil?
Jul 15, 2017

Aluminum foil can not be used in the microwave, although the supermarket has a dedicated aluminum foil, but still be careful. Because the aluminum foil packaging food into the furnace heating, aluminum foil contact with the inner wall will give birth to the spark.

The microwave produced by the microwave is part of the radio frequency band, usually around 2500MHz. This band of microwave has the following characteristics: 

1) can be food and water absorption, so that the molecules strenuous exercise, resulting in heat. 2) can not be absorbed by plastic, ceramic and glass.

3) The metal will be conductive under the influence of the electric field of the microwave. Thicker metal can resist the microwave electric field, and the microwave reflected out, so the microwave wall is made of very thick metal; Similarly, if a very thick metal containers into the microwave, the metal container will reflect the microwave to the internal 

The food can not be heated. But the foil is too thin so the conductive will lead to catastrophic reactions. 

The thinner metal conduction process and its rapid so that its temperature rises straight up, can cause a fire. At the same time, aluminum foil heat shrinkage generated when the tip will lead to spark, which can ignite any microwave combustible items.

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