Because the fake Kobelco Japan Aluminum Association to develop the whole industry quality assurance criterion
Nov 15, 2017

Japan Kobe steel (Kobe Steel Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Kobelco) "fraud" scandal is nearing completion, its impact on the country's industry also began to gradually.

This Monday (November 13th), Japan Aluminum Association chairman Mitsuru Okada said in a media conference, Kobelco in the data fraud scandal after exposure, or the association is considering the development of the whole industry quality assurance standards.

Just two weeks ago, the Japanese Institute of quality assurance (JQA) after investigation, the revocation of the "Kobelco is located in the southwest of Tokyo Kobelco (Kobelco&Materials Copper Tube, brass material Ltd.)" Qin "wild plant of copper and copper alloy seamless pipe of JIS H 3300 certificate", the company will no longer be able to sell a JIS label the product.

Kobelco became the first Japanese for two consecutive years has been revoked JIS certified company. Last year, Kobelco steel wire stainless steel company due to tampering part stainless steel product quality data had been revoked JIS certification. Japanese officials said they did not rule out future Kobelco will be more product certification may be revoked.

In October 8th this year, Japan's third largest steel enterprises Kobelco admitted fraud for more than ten years, the list of affected enterprises to expand from 200 to more than 500 in just a week, involving industry across the automotive, public transportation, aerospace, defense, electronics, energy and other fields IT.

Up to now, a total of 525 affected customers, 437 have identified relevant products, there is no security problem, there are 88 unconfirmed products security. Kawasaki Hiroshi, President and chairman of the company, said that 26 of the clients were overseas companies, but did not disclose the company's name.

In addition to the brunt of the Japanese industry and enterprises, the "radiation" of foreign countries also react. The judicial authorities in the United States Kobelco subsidiary to provide relevant to the customers by selling a product does not comply with the relevant information agreed specifications; European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) also suggested that the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance related enterprises to stop purchasing from Kobelco.

According to the survey report recently released by Kobelco behavior and measures about the company improperly, the company believes that the irregularities caused mainly by five factors: the management way too much emphasis on profitability and closed organizational culture; each factory's operation imbalance; quality control is not sufficient; contract consciousness; organization system sound.

Fraud scandal erupted at the beginning, Kobelco vice president Mehara Hisahito said the factory "to complete the shipment target pressure", and denied the existence of illegal instructions from the upper headquarters. AZ-China aluminum analyst Zhang Meng told reporters before the interface, as long as there is an order, there will be pressure on schedule delivery, which can not become an excuse for fraud.

BBC believes that the root cause of this phenomenon is the long-term slowdown in Japan's economic growth since 1990s. In order to adapt to the new economic environment, enterprises begin to focus on restructuring, management began to reduce the cost and efficiency of overstating the painful adjustment, and eager to get the best result, "sometimes even test the quality management standard of the bottom line".

The analysis report of Kobelco said that shall perform inspection duties of quality assurance departments involved in illegal supervision, resulting in incomplete functions become normal. However, the report does not make clear whether the management default or participation in violations.

Kobelco's business scope is very wide, between the various business sectors highly independent. With the steel, aluminum, copper, welding and other components of the material industry, industrial machinery, construction machinery, engineering technology and other components of the machinery industry and the cause of power for the three pillars.

This independent business sector system provides a "greenhouse" for fraud". "Nikkei Asian review" had commented that Kobelco the name of "professional", resulting in each business department staff and data independent of each other, resulting in "inside the silo effect". "Silo effect" refers to the lack of communication within the enterprise, departments fragmented, only the vertical command system, there is no level of coordination mechanism.

In order to prevent recidivism, Kobelco made clear the corresponding countermeasures in the survey report. These include the reform of management methods, such as the establishment of a quality charter system and the creation of more opportunities to communicate directly with management.

In the process, the company decided to improve the system and work to provide opportunities for violations, such as minimizing the input of experimental data manual work, promote mechanization; at the same time, cross sectoral and factory personnel mobilization, change the closed atmosphere. In the field of management, Kobelco said it would make a clear distinction between the functions of quality control and quality assurance functions, and will have to strengthen the. The new organization of the company will set up inspection quality management work in the business department and aluminum corporation.

In November 10th, the group to strengthen quality management, organization and consciousness of reform, use of external human resources and strengthen the functions of the Offshore Holding Company considered based on, the company has also set up a quality management reform committee, the committee will submit to the board of directors at the end of this year a series of reform measures. In addition, Kobelco also decided to establish a quality audit department (temporary name), to strengthen the quality management for the purpose of.

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