Basic properties of common wrought aluminum alloys
Nov 08, 2017

Basic properties of common wrought aluminum alloys

Aluminum alloy material seriesMaterial gradeComposition%Common property
1000 series105099.5It has good formability, corrosion resistance, good welding property and low strengthHousehold appliances, electrical appliances, conductive materials, etc. that do not require strength
2000 series2024Cu4.5,Mg1.5Tensile strength of 50 kg per square millimeter, poor corrosion resistance, corrosion environment need to do anti-corrosion treatment.

Aeronautical materials, structural materials


3000 series3003Mn1-1.5The strength and corrosion resistance of pure aluminum are increased without reducing the strength of the pure aluminumDaily necessities, building materials, containers, etc.
4000 series4032Si12,Cu\Ni\Mg 1Reduce thermal expansion rate, increase strength and heat resistanceForged pistons for diesel engines
5000 series5052

Medium strength

 representative alloy (annealed 20 kg per square millimeter) has good formability and corrosion resistance

Ships, vehicles, building materials, beverage cans
6000 series6061Mg1%,Si0.6%,Cu0.3%Heat treatment of alloy, good corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature processing, the yield strength is about 25 kilograms per square millimeter, the equivalent of SS41 steel.Structural timber, ships, vehicles, land structures, such as towers, cranes and so on
7000 series7075Zn5.5,Mg2.5,Cu1.6It belongs to the highest strength Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy in aluminum alloy with tensile strength of 60 kg per square millimeterAviation timber, sporting goods

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