ARJ21 regional rail aluminum All of them will be nationalized
Oct 25, 2017

ARJ21 regional rail aluminum

All of them will be nationalized

ARJ21 regional passenger aircraft is the first medium-sized passenger aircraft with independent intellectual property rights designed and manufactured by China. The regional airliner refers to the aircraft with seats less than 100. According to Shanghai aircraft manufacturing factory plan, by the end of 2016 5 frame delivery, of which 2 aircraft with 90 seats, 78 seats, 3 aircraft, is expected in the next five or six years will be completed by 2035 30 delivery, delivery of 880 aircraft, the total target construction is 50 / year, a goal of building 30 / year. According to plan, aluminum used in 2020 reached 100% after the localization, the author believes that the establishment of the cooperation mechanism of civil aircraft in the downstream aluminum led the Ministry of industry, will greatly promote the localization process of ARJ21 aircraft required for aluminum.

Chinese existing in Northeast Light Alloy Co., Southwest Aluminum (Group) about 20 companies based limited liability company, aluminum in the Northwest Aluminum branch can Aluminum Alloy board, ARJ21 aircraft production required, foil type, pipe, bars and forgings, their equipment is world-class. There is also a business from Austria Ebner (Ebner) company introduced a aging furnace T77 treatment, the temperature design temperature of - 1 DEG C, gas temperature accuracy of plus or minus 2 DEG C, the plate temperature uniformity of - 1.5 DEG C, single plate temperature uniformity - 1 DEG C, can processing sheet sizes (mm): 4 - 250 thick wide and 1000 - 4300, 2000 - 39000, the largest single board quality 25T. The ARJ21 aircraft aluminum used in the production, the difficulty of the T77 material, as long as the production of this material, all other materials supply is not a problem, but the equipment plays an important role in the production of materials.

The selection of ARJ21 aircraft to Aluminum Alloy, aluminum parts quality accounted for aircraft net mass (using empty weight 24955kg) 25t 75%, about 50t (including casting and forging), which need to purchase 50t aluminum; structural steel and stainless steel accounted for 10%; composite materials accounted for 8% accounted for 2%; titanium alloy; other materials accounted for 5%. Before 2020, if the annual production of 30, the maximum amount of aluminum each year is 1500T.

It must be emphasized that the performance index and the supply of aluminum to achieve or exceed the prototype machine with imported from forensics okkonen grams of Aluminum Inc, to fully replace imported products, and reasonable price, international market competitiveness.

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