Applications and development history of curtain wall aluminum veneer
Dec 25, 2017


Curtain wall aluminum texture unique, rich color, durable, and the appearance of the shape can be diversified, and with glass curtain wall materials, stone curtain wall material perfect combination. Its perfect appearance, good quality, make it much favored by owners, its light weight, only one-fifth of the marble, is one-third of the glass curtain wall, significantly reducing the load on the building structure and foundation, and maintenance costs Low, high price performance. Below, for you to share the "curtain wall aluminum veneer application and development history", I hope for your help.

First of all, curtain wall aluminum processing technology can be divided into two kinds of methods, one is anodizing, the other is electrostatic spraying. Anodized oxide film is generally more than 12μ, the color is only bronze and white two, monotone color, the more serious drawback is the color of each aluminum plate surface shades, many pieces of curtain wall panels together to form a curtain wall overall effect Very ugly.

This shortcoming can be said that can not be eliminated, not caused by the production technology, but because the aluminum is not from a batch number, chemical composition, are small differences, coupled with electrolysis cell oxidation current density and other factors are not exactly the same After oxidation, the number of colors are different, a single look may not be obvious, if all together is very obvious. Therefore, aluminum surface treatment of aluminum curtain wall, must not be anodized.

Curtain wall aluminum veneer is generally 2 - 4mm aluminum alloy plate, made into the wall, the first press the secondary design requirements for sheet metal processing, the direct hemming, the four corners by high pressure welded into a groove-shaped, wall The back of the plate with welding nail nail way to set aside the reinforcement bolts. Sheet metal work is completed, then fluorocarbon spray, generally two Tu three Tu, the film thickness of 30 - 40μm. Aluminum veneer easily processed into arcs and multi-fold or acute angle, to adapt to today's changing wall decoration needs, and rich colors, according to the design and owner of any color, the real broadening of the architect Their design space.

Curtain wall aluminum veneer surface treatment is another method of electrostatic spraying. Spray is divided into powder spray and liquid spray. Powder spray coating materials are mainly: polyurethane, polyacrylate resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials with high color rendering pigments, can be dozens of different colors of spray powder.

The spray powder, impact collision rubbing, under the impact of 50 kg, aluminum deformation, spray layer crack-free, no loss of integrity intact, anti-dilute acid and mortar. The only drawback afraid of long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, yin and yang easily produce a few years after the color difference. Many domestic manufacturers of spray powder, the weight difference is very large, and some powder with gold dust such powder hanging in the wall after the change with the angle of the sun, day and evening have changed, there are differences in the color depth of the wall, Selection of powder spray paint Xi attention.

At present, the construction industry has become a hotspot for consumption and an important point of economic growth in China. Domestic demand will grow steadily. With the transformation of old cities and the construction of new cities in various places, the total market volume of aluminum curtain walls will continue to grow in an overall trend.

Curtain wall aluminum veneer with a very lightweight material, and very good practical performance, such as fire, moisture, noise and other effects, their own potential is very large. At present, the issue of environmental protection in our country is outstanding, and the contradiction between supply and demand of energy is also increasingly prominent. The state attaches great importance to the sustainable use of energy and environmental protection and has introduced a series of energy saving and environmental protection measures.

Aluminum curtain wall products are mainly made of clear frame, dark frame and aluminum curtain wall, of which the curtain wall in large and medium-sized cities have better prospects for development. With the increasingly serious energy crisis situation, the state is also gradually promoting the promotion of building energy efficiency, there is a fear of major changes in the product structure of aluminum curtain wall, energy saving and environmental protection will be the main trend of aluminum curtain wall.

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