Aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate, corrosion-resistant and easy to bend and easy to weld
Apr 23, 2018

1. Light weight: The weight of the lower structure is light, and the prefabricated component can be placed in a high place. Without using a large lifting device, the lifting work can be easily performed on the spot.

2. Corrosion resistance: The aluminum material itself has a strong corrosion resistance, and this feature is more prominent after being pre-treated. This eliminates the need for costly production of thin aluminum plates even under extreme conditions. For maintenance.

3. Rugged and Durable: The aluminum material has incredible strength and can be used to create a light but exceptionally stable structure.

4. Strong plasticity: Aluminum material has good flexibility and plasticity, and unlimited design potential. It can be a variety of processing, such as: shaping, welding, riveting and cutting into a dynamic 3-D geometry.

5. Lapping easy: In addition to the more commonly used connection methods in the construction industry, methods such as welding, riveting, fixing, and direct fixing can also be used. These methods are simple and convenient, and can quickly and safely complete the building components. Connection work.

6. Recyclable: Aluminum roofing and wall panels can usually be recycled in just one process. The recycling process saves 95% of energy compared to the primary production process.

7. Aesthetic value: It can be surface-polished and painted, such as anodized or coated, to meet the architect's high aesthetic requirements and to extend the potential life of aluminum materials.

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