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Aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate, corrosion-resistant easy to bend easily welded
Dec 14, 2017


Advantages of aluminum-manganese alloy cladding: Aluminum is widely used as exterior walls and roofing in the construction industry. Choosing aluminum as a building material is due to its economic, practical and aesthetic value. Airports, high-speed rail stations, Sports venues and stylish buildings and other buildings, only the use of aluminum to highlight the architectural personality.

1. Light weight: The light weight of the lower structure, can be prefabricated components placed in a higher place.No need to use large-scale lifting equipment, on-site can easily complete the lifting work.

2. Corrosion resistance: aluminum material itself has a strong corrosion resistance, after its prefabricated, this feature is more prominent.Thus even under extreme conditions, the long-term use of thin aluminum sheet, it does not have to spend too much on its cost For maintenance.

3. Ruggedness: The incredible strength of aluminum materials makes it possible to build lightweight, yet exceptionally stable structures.

4. Plasticity: aluminum materials with good flexibility and plasticity, and unlimited design potential.It can be a variety of treatment, such as: shape, welding, riveting and cutting into dynamic 3-D geometry and so on.

5. Easy-to-use lap-ups: In addition to the most commonly used connection methods in the construction industry, you can use methods such as welding, riveting, fixing and direct fixing, etc. These methods are simple and easy to implement Connect to work.

6. Recyclable: Aluminum roofing and wall panels are usually recycled in just one operation. The recovery process saves up to 95% of energy compared to primary production.

7. Outstanding aesthetic value: Various surface finishes and colors, such as anodizing or coating, are available to meet the architect's high aesthetic requirements and to extend the potential life of aluminum materials.

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