Aluminum extruded profiles have several advantages
Dec 29, 2017

Aluminum extruded profiles have several advantages

Compared with other processing methods, several obvious advantages of aluminum extrusion profile:

Less machining: due to the complexity of aluminum alloy can be pressed to any section, therefore, as long as the design is reasonable, the aluminum profile extrusion material can easily be assembled, thus reducing the machining requirements.

Some shapes can only be obtained by squeezing, and cannot be achieved through other processes.

Low cost of aluminum extrusion die: compared with other competing materials, such as rolling molding, casting and forging, aluminum extrusion die cost is low.

High structure efficiency: aluminum extruded section can achieve maximum structural efficiency.

You can use a profile where you need to increase the intensity, and then remove the aluminum profile where you don't need it.

Light weight: extruded aluminum alloy profile weight light, high strength, and durable.

Because of the difference in performance between aluminum and other competitive materials, the aluminum structure that achieves the same effect is only about half the weight of other metal structures, and other metals are not easy to process.

The surface treatment has a variety of effects and is resistant to corrosion: the designer can achieve any desired color by coating the powder or electrophoresis.

They also include natural silver or colored anodized film.

Less maintenance: aluminum is a natural and durable metal, and the above surface treatment enhances its durability.

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