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Aluminum alloy is closely related to the development of high and new weapons (Part one)
Nov 23, 2017

Aluminum alloy is closely related to the development of high and new weapons (Part one)


Weapons are one of the fastest growing heavy industries, and also one of the most innovative departments. New weapons emerge in an endless stream. Aluminum is the basic material of the weapons industry, and plays an important role in high-tech weapons.

The aluminum high-energy electromagnetic gun Daxian power

As early as 2008, the U.S. Navy launched the highest firing rate with the most powerful electromagnetic gun, which fired an aluminum bomb at the energy of 10680kJ. Ordinary guns and bullets on the barrel and the barrel of gunpowder blasting launched launched; and the electromagnetic gun is in charge (charge about 4min), with 7 speed Maher aluminum projectile (2500m/s) to the target orbit from electromagnetic gun. Because the electromagnetic gun is driven by electromagnetic force, and the shell can not be made of magnetic metal, aluminum is a non-magnetic material, is a good material to make electromagnetic bombs, and its density is much lighter than copper and lead, under the same thrust, aluminum bomb can fly faster and farther.

The aluminum bomb flew out of the electromagnetic orbit at the speed of 7 Maher, flew 1min in the atmosphere, then flew out of the atmosphere, flew 4min outside the atmosphere, and finally fell back to the earth at about 5 Maher in 1min, hitting the target. The electromagnetic gun has been put into actual combat and has been made into an electromagnetic railgun for 64000kJ which can hit land targets about 370km apart. Electromagnetic railgun is not only light weight, but also occupies less space than the traditional gun.

The electromagnetic gun, does not need the protection of traditional fire, also do not need to be filled with ammunition, will change the traditional thinking for naval artillery of the sea. The US Navy plans to install electromagnetic guns on the next generation of CG (X) cruisers in 2020 and 2025, and the US Army is also studying smaller land based electromagnetic guns.

Aluminum Alloy create wig

With the ship and ground aircraft flight advantages, to the lowest fuel consumption in the water slide, also can be in the ice, snow, grass back and forth, it (at the cost of manufacturing and service) and load than the flight and helicopters, faster than hydrofoil, while in the military level more obvious advantages. It is not easy to be detected by radar, there is no risk to touch mine. Wig is not a kind of what new weapons, already, but this aircraft recently made more advanced, more powerful, more comprehensive effect, which has been the attention of the military, Russia is a world leader in the field of research and development of wig. Wig is made of aluminum, aluminum parts of the net mass accounted for about 65% of total net aircraft quality at the same time, using a lot of 5XXX alloy materials, because they have on seawater corrosion resistance strong.

The maximum speed of 450km/h, the A-050 Alexeyev Central Design Bureau of the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod seagull -2 heavy wig flight 5000km, its takeoff mass of 54 tons, loading 9 tons or 100 tons, allegedly to start the engine is Su -25 fighter using R-195, cruise engine is IL -114 aircraft to use TV-7-117. A-050 type of wig is still in the design stage, plan 2022 off. The -2 type wig have military value, can be installed on top of anti-ship missile. Authorities said Chinese on Russia's wig is very interested, in 2015 began with Russia to discuss the purchase of a few frames for their military matters.

The odd shape of -2 heavy wig, known as "sea monster" fly bird, go up like a beast, it's huge, long 73m, 19m; 500km/h; armed with amazing speed, can carry 6 ZM-80 "in" heavy anti-ship missile launch container. The first salvo will destroy us carrier battle group, which had the equivalent of a missile cruiser, the speed is 10 times of the cruiser.

Submarine wearing aluminum alloy ring will not be detected by sonar

According to Hongkong's "South China Morning Post" reported in mid December 2016, Chinese scientists are developing a new technology pioneered in the world, hoping to allow submarines to evade sonar detection underwater, not found by the other side. Their research found that the installation of some special aluminum alloy rings on the submarine shell does not reflect extraneous sounding waves. China Academy of Sciences and Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology scientists found that with multi ring ring metal etching groove panties experience, sound will spread along the ring rather than the reflection, and the sonar detector is rely on reflection echo tracking target, then do not listen to what. As far as the current technology is concerned, aluminum alloy is the best material for making this kind of ring. It has the best cost performance, especially the 5XXX alloy.

The scientist's discovery was published earlier in the world's authoritative scientific journal Nature and communication, and attracted great attention of other scientists. Chinese scientists have confirmed that the grooves on the ring of aluminum alloy can make sound waves propagate along the fixed direction, just like the car running along the highway. A number of such rings are attached to the shell of a submarine by technical specifications, and almost spread sound waves in any direction in all directions, so that it is impossible for the sonar to detect submarines in the near future. At present, there are a number of scientific research units in the study of this technology, but the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology system is the simplest and efficient.

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