Aluminium cans
Aug 10, 2017

Aluminium cans

In the beverage, is a good example of canned drinks cans, aluminum materials in environmental protection and reducing the production cost advantage is gradually emerging. At present, the development of aluminum beverage cans has three major characteristics: Yilagai, special tank, self heating and self cooling beverage cans. For a long time, although the aluminum beverage cans, metal packaging has been tin plate and PET material challenge, but because of its light weight, and has the advantages of Recyclable, one of the main forms of beverage packaging is still at present, not only to get stable development, but also in constant development and innovation.

The beverage packaging market is one of the biggest markets in the metal packing market. To improve the brand effect, the shape of aluminum cans is becoming more and more important in addition to the silver and white features of aluminum. Therefore, the manufacturers of metal forming equipment are also discussing the process of aluminium cans forming and embossing. Since aluminum is easier to shape and achieve the desired shape, researchers are exploring the development of aluminum cans for roll forming, spin forming and rheological forming, which will be first used in beer cans in the near future.

The use of aluminum cans for beverages such as beer and soda has increased the use of aluminium products, while other industries are also considering the use of aluminium cans.

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