Advantages of aluminum alloy die-casting after infiltration treatment
Mar 06, 2018

First, to improve efficiency and production

1, aluminum alloy die-casting infiltration foam model for mechanical foaming, to ensure the quality of the model at the same time, the production speed is quite fast.

2, aluminum alloy die-casting infiltration process simplifies the tedious steps of traditional processes, such as modeling the core, not only laborious and inefficient.

3, aluminum alloy infiltration into more than one box, and can pour more boxes until the use of metal solution to complete.

Second, save costs

1, aluminum die-casting infiltration mold life almost no loss, reducing or eliminating the cost of the mold.

2, the infiltration of aluminum die casting Abandoned the traditional style of the core process, both labor and reduce manufacturing costs.

3, into the aluminum die-casting by many male workers With the gradual development of the foundry industry can also use a lot of female workers, but also greatly reduced in all aspects of the workforce, in disguise from the workers to reduce costs.

4, aluminum sand casting sand can be recycled

Permeability treatment is immersion infiltration, infiltration infiltration infiltration, impregnation infiltration into the casting loose, thereby enhancing the airtight performance of die-casting.


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