4032 aluminum alloy
Jan 08, 2018

Material name: deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy

Brand: 4032

• characteristics and applications:

4032 aluminum alloy, American deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy. 4032 aluminum alloy has large hot wire expansion coefficient, high temperature strength and good corrosion resistance at high temperature. 4032 aluminum alloy is used to process forged pistons.

Standard: the United States Aluminum Association (AA) 4032, UNS A94032; Chinese GB 4A11 (LD11); Japan JIS A4032 (A4 * 5); Canada CSA SG121; French NF A-S12UN; BS (38S); OCT (AK9) 1390 in Russia; 4032 international ISO

Chemical composition:

Aluminum Al (minimum): allowance

Silicon Si:11.0~13.5

Iron: Fe = 1

Copper Cu:0.05~1.3

Mn Mn: -

Magnesium Mg:0.8~1.3

Cr: Cr = 0.10

Nickel Ni:0.50~1.3

Zinc: Zn = 0.25

Titanium Ti: -

Other elements not specified: each: = 0.05; total: 0.15

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