2024 aluminum alloy
Jan 08, 2018

2024 aluminum plate hardness

The hardness of 2024-H112 is about HB85

The hardness of 2024-T4 is: HB120~145

The hardness of 2024-T351 is: HB120~145

2024-0 hardness: about HB40

The 2024 alloy brand was registered in the United States in 1954. The temperature is higher than 125, and the strength of the 2024 alloy is higher than that of the 7075 alloy. The forming performance of heat state, annealing and new quenching is better, and the effect of heat treatment is remarkable, but the process of heat treatment is strict. Corrosion resistance is poor, but pure aluminum coating can be effectively protected; cracks are easily produced in welding, but special technology can be welded and can be riveted. It is widely used in aircraft structure, rivets, truck hub, propeller components and all kinds of structural parts.

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