2014 2017 2024 2124 aluminum application
Jul 31, 2017

2014, applied to the requirements of high strength and high temperature of the occasion, the aircraft heavy forgings, plate and extrusion materials, wheels and structural elements, the first stage fuel tank of multistage rocket and spacecraft parts, truck frame and suspension parts

2017, is the first industrial application of the 2000 series alloy, the current range of application is narrow, mainly for rivets, general machinery parts, structures and transport tools, structural parts, propellers and accessories

2024, aircraft structure, rivet components, truck wheels, propeller components and other structures

2048, aerospace structural components and structural parts of weapons

2124. Structure of aerospace vehicle

2218, aircraft engines and diesel engine pistons, aircraft engines, cylinder heads, jet engines, impellers, and compressor rings

2219, space rocket welding, oxidation tank, skin and structural parts, the working temperature is -270-300 degrees, good weldability, high fracture, T8 state has high resistance to pressure corrosion cracking

2319 , welding 2219 alloy welding rod and filling solder

2618, die forgings and free forgings, pistons and aircraft engine parts

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