2011 aluminum alloy
Jan 08, 2018

2011 aluminum alloy, American deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy.

The alloy element of 2011 is copper, which is a free cutting alloy containing trace lead and bismuth. It has high strength and good cutting performance, but it has poor corrosion resistance. It is commonly used as bars, pipes and wires. 2011 aluminum alloy is used to manufacture screws and mechanical products that require good cutting performance.

Standard contrast: American Aluminum Association (AA) 2011, UNS A92011, ISO R209 AlCu6BiPb; Chinese GB 2011

Aluminum Al (minimum): allowance

Si: Si = 0.40

Iron: Fe = 0.7

Copper Cu:5.0~6.0

Zinc: Zn = 0.30

Si+Fe: = 0.40 + silicon iron

Lead Pb:0.2~0.6

Bismuth Bi:0.2~0.6

Other elements not specified: each: = 0.05; total: 0.15

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