2000 series aluminum plate application
Jan 03, 2018

2000 series aluminum plate application



2011 aluminum plate:Screws and mechanical processing products requiring good cutting performance

2014 aluminum plate:Applied to the high strength and hardness (including high temperature), the plane heavy, forgings, plate, and extrusion materials, wheels and structural components, multi-stage rocket fuel tanks and aircraft parts, the first level truck frame and suspension parts

2017 aluminum plate:Is the first industrial application of 2xxx series alloy, the application scope is narrower, mainly for rivet, general mechanical parts, structural and structural tools structural parts, propeller and accessories

2024 aluminum plate:Aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck wheels, propeller elements and other structural components

2036 aluminum plate:Car body sheet metal parts

2048 aluminum plate:Aerospace structural parts and weapon structure parts

2A01 aluminum plate:Structural rivets with temperature less than 100 degrees Celsius

2A12 aluminum plate:Aircraft cover, frame, wing rib, wing girder, rivet, etc., building and transportation tools structure

2A14 aluminum plate:Shape complex free forgings and die forging parts

2A90 aluminum plate:Aeroengine pistons

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