2000 series aluminum alloy material characteristics
Jul 31, 2017

Fast - selling alloy, good machinability, high strength, but poor corrosion resistance, when required corrosion resistance, the use of 6062 - series alloy

Contains a large amount of Cu, corrosion resistance is poor, but high strength, can be used as structural materials, forging products can also be used

After the heat treatment, the alloy is used as the pin for delaying the aging rate at normal temperature

Wrought alloys, which are well wrought and of high strength, are used in forgings that require heat resistance. Poor corrosion resistance

Alloy for forging, superior in temperature, but poor in corrosion resistance

High strength, low temperature and high temperature, good solubility, but poor corrosion resistance

Forging alloy, good in forging and high in strength, but not in good corrosion resistance

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